Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 Recap. Late. As Usual.

Obviously my New Year's Resolution to blog every day has been as successful as my resolution to stop cursing. Not happening, dammit. That being said, I HAVE been meaning to post our year-end-review on the blog, so here it is :) Just pretend it's still the holiday season, will ya?

Merry Merry!

So, it’s a week before Christmas and I’m not even a little bit prepared. I’m 36 years old. It’s not like I have no idea when Christmas is. Like I didn’t notice the trees, wreaths and wrapping paper in all the stores - lined up right next to the Halloween costumes. Salvation Army plus bell ringers outside of WalMart - check. Twenty-four hours of sappy holiday movies on Lifetime – check.

Yet, here I sit in my office, surrounded by a toppling mountain of unwrapped presents, a snoring dog (Snaggle) and the whir of a borrowed space heater trained on my three-month-old pedicure…and I’m wondering how it’s possible the month of December has made me it’s bitch…again.

However, I concede. But only because I’m saving my remaining energy to open the Egg Nog I bought at 7-11 this morning. I may be behind, but ain’t nothing wrong with my priorities.

2010 has been quite the year for Apes and I. She still calls Snowden Academy her home away from home, serving as a counselor and assistant director for the school. When she’s not at work or rearranging our closet/organizing our mail by size at home, she’s making a name for herself on every tennis court in town. She is on a million different teams (perhaps a slight exaggeration) and helped take one of those teams all the way to a national competition in Palm Springs, California this past November. The team didn’t just GO to nationals. They WON nationals.


The first pic was taken moments after April and her partner Matt clinched the big win. The second picture is of April and icon Billie Jean King. The third shows April posing with the celebratory banner. She spent a good amount of time trying to line up the balls in the banner with her, uh…you know. Apparently they live under her arm pits when she plays tennis.

As for me, I’m just lucky April doesn’t hate my guts for pretty much abandoning her for the better part of the year in order to take on one of the most amazing professional opportunities of my career. Habitat for Humanity International hired me to be the project lead for the 2010 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project. The former President and his wife built alongside volunteers, homeowners and generous sponsors in six different communities (four states) in just five days this past October.

During this project, I learned the following things:

- Working 18 hour days for months on end isn’t quite as much fun as it sounds (but so worth it when you’re sitting in a golf cart with a former President or handing him a Bible to hand to a new Habitat homeowner)

- After a while, airports CAN feel a little like home

- No matter how many times you tell someone your name isn’t Jennifer, it won’t matter

- Habitat employs some of the most amazing, giving and talented people on the planet and I am thankful every day I’ve been allowed to work alongside them

With all the excitement of the past year, we also suffered a great loss. Our big dawg, Stewart, is now in heaven, jumping from one cloud of bones to another. He began to show signs of illness in September and by the end of October we found ourselves saying see-you-later to our gentle giant. We miss him every day and his stocking hangs in memory.

The other three pups (Rosie, Snaggle and Jean Paul) are doing awesome and continue to make us question how it’s possible to not have enough room on a king sized bed.

In other news, it’s with great shame that I report neither April or I have made it to the final game in Fantasy Football. We are crushed. Last year we took first and second place. Our teams, White Fluffy Bunnies (April) and Ass Master (Me) have both been laid to rest. A full revival is planned for 2011.

Here’s hoping you and yours have had a wonderful year! If we didn’t get to catch up with you this year, let’s do it soon. If we did see you, let’s do it again. We both appreciate all the special people in our lives and continue to be amazed you don’t run away screaming.

Big Love,

Heather, Apes, Rosie, Snaggle and Jean Paul


LilliGirl said...

Managing a project that size is a big accomplishment and way more exciting that credit card legislation...COngrats on a job well done!

For Va Jay Jays Only said...

merry xmas and happy new year...congrats to april...

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Awwww....great recap Heather! Congrats to you and April on your AWESOME accomplishments! ♥ But dont feel bad about not blogging every day cuz my blog mistress didnt blog ONCE last year! (the big boob....)
We're both hoping things will pick up this year....Shannons closet is nice, but I could use a little fresh air!!! ;)